1. Compared to other institutes why should I choose NIDM for Digital Marketing Course?

NIDM is training digital marketing aspirants in the past 7 years. Friendly atmosphere, flexible timings, placement assistance, after course support and a lot more are the key policies of our institute. These reasons might be sufficient for your candidates to choose NIDM.

2. Can there be a boom in this field in future?

YES. Over 70,000+ jobs available in the industry of digital marketing.

3. Will digital marketing help me to grow my own business?

Obviously it helps in any kind of company you’ve got. World is moving digital so why not you?

4. Is the course fee refundable?

No, the course fee is non-refundable

5. Can the course fee paid in installments?

Yes, you can pay the course fee in two installments

6.If my background isn't management and commerce, will learning digital marketing still be helpful?

Yes, the background you come from dose not matter. But you’ll be trained everything from the scratch.

7. I have missed some of my classes, how do I recover those?

It’s possible to attend that class anytime in the upcoming batches.

8. Will the training material be provided to us?

Yes, you’ll get the training material both in soft and hard copies.

9. Will your online training be the same as your offline?

Yes, there’s no difference on the training part.

10. Should I get laptop?

Yes, laptop will not be provided by us. However, wi-fi is available.